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Capital Allowances Exposed

Our Services are based on getting to know our clients so that we can tailor our solutions to their exact needs. No nonsense practicality, quality systems, expertise and our personal approach is aimed towards adding value to your business and protecting your interests.


Compliance Services

Capital allowances claim preparation
Land remediation relief
Claim negotiation

Value Added Services

Retrospective portfolio review
Capital allowances sales aides
Construction design audit
Enhanced capital allowances
Minimise withholding tax
Statistical sampling agreement

Professional Services

Due diligence
Capital allowances documentation
In-house training
Help desk

Associated Services

VAT | Corporate Tax | Personal Tax  |  Stamp Duty  | Land Tax

If you need any of these services we will happily put you in touch with the appropriate contacts.

Expert knowledge developed over 20 years...

For over 20 years DHA Consulting has helped property owners to save money by claiming Capital Allowances.

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