“If you are a professional advising clients on property matters the availability or non-availability of capital allowances will be important to your client.”

Deliver value for your clients

Failure to recognise this benefit, failure to secure such benefit for your client, could be disastrous. For example, since 2014, failure to positively deal with capital allowances in a typical conveyance will result in NO allowances being available to the Purchaser. There are more traps for the unwary to avoid.

Associated Services

DHA Consulting is independent and not tied to any other companies or service providers. We are good at what we do, but recognise that Capital Allowances often interacts with other disciplines and we know when to bring in other experts.

Over the last 20 years we have forged working relationships with a number of organisations that share our values, client service, technical expertise and philosophy in the following areas:
VAT | Corporate Tax | Personal Tax | Stamp Duty Land Tax

If you need any of these services we will happily put you in touch with the appropriate contacts.