Capital Allowances Claim Preparation

Who may benefit ?

Taxpayers incurring capital expenditure on the acquisition, construction or refurbishment of property assets who can use capital allowances to reduce the tax that they pay.


An understanding of property law, tax law and the way in which buildings are procured allows us to identify more allowances than Accountants and Quantity Surveyors working closely together.

What we do ?

We prepare detailed analyses of expenditure in a format that satisfies the disclosure requirements under the self-assessment regime for companies and individuals.  Our analyses take account of HMRC current practice and ensures that the taxpayer’s allowances are maximised.  The analysis document is appended to the relevant tax return and reconciled to the Statutory Accounts.  Further, if we are involved at the outset of a project, we can influence the level of capital allowances available by offering advice on design changes and procurement record collection.