Declaration of confidentiality

Property Taxation Consulting Limited t/a DHA Consulting (“DHAC”) undertakes to comply with the following Declaration of Confidentiality:

1. DHAC shall maintain as secret and confidential all information provided by you whether written or spoken and whether stated to be confidential or confidential by nature (“the Information”).

2. DHAC shall respect your intellectual property and other rights in the Information and will use the Information exclusively for the purposes of providing you with a review of your capital allowances position and providing you with a fee proposal (“the Opportunity”) could be implemented and for the proper performance of implementing the Opportunity if appropriate.

3. DHAC shall take all necessary precautions to ensure that the Information is not copied and is not used without your prior written consent.

4. On termination of discussions between us or at any reasonable time on request by you, DHAC will return to you all documents recording the Information including any relevant samples of material, associated data and permitted copies.  Alternatively DHAC will securely destroy such documents and confirm such destruction has taken place.

5. The undertakings now given by DHAC shall be binding upon DHAC officers, employees and successors and shall continue to bind DHAC should DHAC not be engaged to implement the Opportunity.

6. DHAC shall not construe disclosure of Information as a licence or other transfer of rights or intention to grant such rights.