Investment Surveyors

Investment Surveyors understand that capital allowances can be valuable in a property context. On any property acquisition or disposal capital allowances will be an issue.  Few Investment Surveyors know how to extract maximum commercial advantage from the inherent value of capital allowances within the property that they are either buying or selling.

Acquisition and Disposal of Properties

Prior to the introduction of Finance Act 2012, the value of capital allowances in a property transaction may not have been given much consideration. Sellers that claimed capital allowances will normally have agreed with Buyers the amount allocated to the capital allowances; and Sellers that had not claimed capital allowances paid little attention to the matter. However, from 31 March 2014 the issue of capital allowances must be actively addressed in a property transfer if the tax benefit of allowances is to pass from Seller to Buyer. Failure to do so will prevent Buyers and ALL future owners from obtaining capital allowances.

How can DHA Consulting help?

DHA Consulting offers a range of services to Investment Surveyors to assist them in their delivery of excellent client service.  

We can assist with the drafting of Heads of Terms to deal with the capital allowances aspects of a transaction.

One of our key services is the preparation of a report which identifies the true value of the capital allowances in a property – either for retention by the Seller, or for passing to the Buyer.