Other Property Consultants

Capital allowances are available in almost every property. They can be of value to taxpayers and non-taxpayers alike, to different degrees. We offer a range of services that can be used by Architects, Bankers, Independent Financial Advisors, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Quantity Surveyors


If Architects are able to consider the tax consequences of their designs, increased tax relief may be available for their clients and more efficient buildings may be delivered.


Borrowers who use bank debt to fund property repay their loan interest and capital out of rental income.  Claiming capital allowances can reduce the tax liability of the borrower and thus leave more rent available for those repayments.

Independent Financial Advisers

As the person responsible for managing their clients’ wealth, IFA’s can help their clients to maximise their wealth by minimising their tax liability.  One area where IFA’s can add value is to facilitate a review of capital allowances availability in historically held portfolios.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineers

If M&E Engineers are able to consider the tax consequences of their designs they can have a significant impact on both the level of allowances and the rate at which those allowances give tax relief.

Quantity Surveyors

The choice of contract, the level of cost information required from contractors, and the documentation used for cost control purposes are all areas which can affect the tax relief available.

How can DHA Consulting help?

DHA Consulting offers a range of services to Property Consultants to assist them in their delivery of excellent client service.